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Non-Surgical Pain Relief for Lower Back Pain

Surgeries can be expensive, and some of them come with considerable side effects. If you are suffering from lower back pain, it is important to try...

Back Pain

What Should You Eat for Breakfast on a Gym Day?

The success of a workout is largely dependent on how you approach that day as a whole, from the hours you spend sleeping, to how you manage your...

Diet and Nutrition

Chronic Pain Can Lead To Depression

Some individuals suffer from unceasing pain. Unlike those who occasionally experience occasional aches and pains, these people experience...

Back Pain

Inversion Table Benefits for Back Pain

I don't know if you have seen the old guy flipping around in a contraption saying it cured his back pain, but if you have, then you know it looks...

Back Pain

Eliminate Your Sciatica in Just Days

At The Healthy Back Institute they have spent the last 10 years researching and studying back pain and sciatica... They've tested nearly every...

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New England Journal of Medicine Study Reveals Powerful New Fat Burner

by Administrator on Feb 24, 2014

Are you struggling to lose the excess weight and keep it off? Have you tried all the fad diets, exercise plans and diet supplements but nothing has given you lasting results? Well, don't despair, I have some great news for you... Continue reading →

Identifying and Dealing with the Typical Types of Pain at the Gym

by Administrator on Feb 10, 2014

A lot of people experience varying levels of pain as a result of their time spent in the gym. Even a short, low intensity workout can cause you to become sore, provoke muscle spasms or in rare cases, can even cause injuries. It’s important to know the most typical types of pain that can occur during your workouts, regardless of the intensity of those routines, or your physical condition. Continue reading →

Joint Pain 380 Views

How to Relax and De-Stress with Homemade Magnesium Lotion

by Administrator on Feb 10, 2014

The mineral magnesium is needed by humans because it maintains and assists in many biochemical reactions in the body, such as muscle relaxation and nerve function. Magnesium has also been shown in studies to keep the heart rhythm steady and lower blood pressure. Many people take magnesium pills or use magnesium-filled Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) baths to absorb this calming mineral through their skin to soothe aching muscles, de-stress and unwind. Continue reading →

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How to Relieve Back Pain While Flying

by contentblvd on Feb 7, 2014

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans experience occasional or persistent lower back pain. And many of those same folks will be the first to say that getting on an airplane can quickly exacerbate the problem. Yes, those narrow seats with their metal frames aren’t exactly conducive to physical comfort. It’s for this reason that average people as well as the airlines themselves have tried for years to make headway regarding flight comfort, and most of the time it seems they have barely made a dent. Continue reading →

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Chronic Pain Can Lead To Depression

by Administrator on Feb 5, 2014

Some individuals suffer from unceasing pain. Unlike those who occasionally experience occasional aches and pains, these people experience unrelentingly pain, which is a very difficult condition to live with. One of most common chronic pain afflictions involves the back. When pain is chronic this means it lasts a quarter of a year or longer. Continue reading →

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