Non-Surgical Pain Relief for Lower Back Pain

by Administrator on Dec 7, 2015 Back Pain 2823 Views

Surgeries can be expensive, and some of them come with considerable side effects. If you are suffering from lower back pain, it is important to try non-surgical pain relief to your benefit. Studies have actually proven that non-surgical pain relief is just as effective as surgeries. You only need to incorporate therapy or exercise into your daily routine, and you can help yourself in many ways. Non-surgical pain relief treatment is also known as the conservative treatment against lower back pain. It includes numerous different methods such as spinal bracing, electrical nerve stimulation, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, heat, chiropractic care, tissue mobilization, epidural steroid injection, and so on.

It is important for you to know the various causes behind lower back pain. Spinal conditions such as Piriformis syndrome is one reason. Other reasons include vertebrae mal-positioning, spinal cord infection, degenerative disc, too much stress on your lower back and so on. The pain can be acute or chronic, and you can know the reason behind your lower back pain through an MRI scan or through a simple x ray.

Conservative treatment is actually the most popular when it comes to lower back pain, and surgery is recommended only when all the non-surgical treatments fail. Physical therapy is one of the most trusted treatments against lower back pain. Physical therapy involves a few exercises that work to increase movement and to reduce the pain. Chiropractic treatment is another great option. You can reduce the pain by adjustment. The whole point of chiropractic treatment is the proper alignment and adjustment of the area that hurts so as to reduce the pain. Massages are also an excellent remedy in order to reduce the excruciating pain in the lower back.

Recently, NSSD or Non-surgical Spinal Decompression has become popular. In fact, this treatment has proven to be quite effective and can help you manage the pain with considerable ease. The treatment is popular all over the world. If you wish to take medication, you can go for narcotics and opioids. If you are suffering with chronic lower back pain, you will have to take NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.

It is better to prevent lower back pain all together through various exercises and stretches. If you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, you won’t need to worry about lower back pain at all.